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Easy to use multi column page editor

Write rich content using our variety of content blocks from simple text boxes and quotes to inline galleries, maps, slideshows or even summaries of other content collections.

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Content blocks

Content blocks are used to create pages or blog posts. A block can be re-arranged to create multi column designs using simple drag and drop operations.

Text block

Write formatted text, headings, links, bullet lists using the standard text content block.

Picture block

Insert a new or existing image with optional caption, link or lightbox functionality.

Gallery block

Add inline galleries with various designs such as slideshows, grid of thumbnails or a masonry layout.

Video block

Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo simply by copy pasting their link.

Quote block

Add custom styled quotes with a body and an optional source and source link.

Map block

Search a location, add a pin and embed Google maps with just a few clicks.

Form block

Fully customizable email forms with various fields like text, radios, select boxes and more.

Summary block

Insert a dynamic summary for a blog or gallery. Usually used for homepage designs.

Code block

Insert custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript code inline in your pages or blog posts.