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Drag and drop, easy to create galleries

Create your galleries and upload images by simply dragging and dropping your photo files. Sorting your images inside a gallery is also done using a simple drag operation. You can even drop images from one gallery to another.

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Great features

Upload your photos and publish them using modern, beautiful designs.

Fast uploads

Publish new photos by simply dragging and dropping a bunch of files inside your gallery,

Custom thumbnails

Redefine your thumbnails by specifying what area to be used when generating them.

Easy ordering

You can re-arrange your photos just by dragging and dropping them into the desired position.

One file, many versions

We generate multiple version for each photo in order to fit both small and large displays.

Photo comments

Photos can receive their own comments. You can enable or disable this feature when editing an image.

Picmoo lightbox

Clicking a photo will show it overlayed on top of your website using our responsive lightbox.

Modern designs

Select from various gallery designs such as slideshows, grids of square or normal thumbnails, stacked images or a modern masonry design.

Various gallery designs

Inline galleries

Galleries can be either standalone pages or inline blocks of content as part of either a blog post or a standard page.

Inline galleries