Welcome to Picmoo, the website builder platform aimed at both professional and amateur photographers. Picmoo was born out of the frustrations of a photorapher that did not have time to build and maintain his own portfolio. We all know how busy life can get and while technology did become easier, creating, hosting and maintaining a website is still a serios task. So serious in fact that photographers actually hire companies or other people to design, build and maintain their own website.

We belive everyone should have their own corner on the internet and we also belive it should be easy, cheap and reliable. This is why Picmoo was born: to offer easy to build, professional looking photography websites for everyone out there.

Lumen - Picmoo website template

A typical Picmoo website includes galleries, blogs, pages, etc.

All the tools you need

We encourage people to register for a free trial account in order to experience what a Picmoo website has to offer. Our easy to use admin page is simple yet powerful enough to create rich and dynamic websites, stunning galleries and beautiful blogs. If you wish to find out more about all the tools you get, please check out our features page.