New template: Montera

Published 18 Mar 2014 at 16:55

We'd like to introduce our latest template design: Montera.

Montera offers a modern alternative when it comes to photography websites by using a full-screen splash photo as your homepage as well as full-height horizontal sliders for your galleries. The dynamic sizing of the homepage and gallery pages ensures that all the browser space is used to put your best photos front and center.

The blog design uses a traditional two column layout with your blog posts on the left and a narrow, fully customizable side column on the right. By default this column shows a short about text and the most recent blog posts. However, because this side bar is actually a normal page tagged with "blog-sidebar-content" , you can change everything inside just like in a normal page.

Gallery designs

Montera comes with not one but three different gallery looks:

Slider design

Your gallery starts with a title and a description and then images are placed on a horizontal list making sure the entire height of the browser window is used.

Grid design

A more traditional design with a grid of either normal or square thumbnails. Titles for each thumbnail can also be shown or hidden, based on your tastes.

Masonry design

This fresh and modern design will show your images as a sheet of thumbnails that fits perfectly inside the available space. You can read more about this look from our previous blog post.

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