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Published 31 Mar 2014 at 11:30

Creating forms is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes you just need a simple contact form with just a name and email field as well as a text box where the message should go. Other times you might need extra details like a wedding date or the number of people invited. Maybe you need to ask for their favourite colour from a predefined list of options. Or maybe you want to include a set of radio buttons with choices for a photo album.

Today we are introducing a new content block: forms. Publishing a form is as easy as uploading an image, and if you ever tried building a photography website with Picmoo, you know just how easy that is. Because we use content blocks to create our pages and blog posts content, your forms can be easily inserted anywhere, from a standard page like the "contact" page to blog posts. Just to show you an example, here is a form inline with this blog post:

General stuff

We need to know how to call you.

We also need this in order to be able to get back to you.

We like feedback so please feel free to write as much as you can.

A few things about yourself

We like to know our photographers.

Maybe you like working outside, maybe indoors, we just have to know.

Like you can see above, each form can have a variety of fields from simple text inputs and textarea boxes to email, name, date, numbers, select boxes, radio and checkbox groups. We even included section titles to be used for bigger, more complicated forms. Once a form is filled and submitted, the answers then go directly into your email inbox. You can add one or more email addresses where we will send the submissions.

If you are new to Picmoo, your website contact page will include a general contact form. However, if you already subscribed to us, we recommend updating your contact page in order to add a contact form to be used by your visitors. You can find out more about how to create and use the form block by reading our form help page.

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