Community highlight - David Bruce

Published 22 Sep 2014 at 22:58
Community highlight - David Bruce Exhibition in London

Photography comes in many shapes and forms and over the years the technology evolved and redefined the way we take pictures. When George Eastman invented the flexible film roll in 1889, little did he know how this will change the world. Hundreds of billions of photos, from familly portraits to landscapes and abstracts, all taken on this lovely medium. Today nearly 380 billion new photos are created each year, however, less than 1% are stored on a film roll. Digital cameras stormed their way into the photography industry and almost all photographers, from amateurs to professionals, are using it.

David Bruce, a professional photographer who started his career in the nineteen eighties, spent most of his time using film for his images. We've seen some of his work in a recent exhibition celebrating and exploring the community of Bayswater: "The People of Bayswater". A very talented member of our Picmoo community, Mr. Bruce goes back to his childhood home to track down the local people who gave Bayswater its personality.

Being based in London ourselves, we had the pleasure of being invited to the private viewing. The event brought together most of the people featured in Mr. Bruce's portraits, so we were overwhelmed by the family like vibe. This vibe is also induced in the portraits: the models are not just random people, but major characters who helped shape the neighbourhood. They all know, love and respect each other and have a special relationship with our artist, who calls them "local heroes". They all have a story and they are revieled in such a raw manner that you almost feel like you're secretly walking into someone's home and snooping through their family albums. This feeling is intensified by the use of old school black and white film, which gives the portraits a historical dimension.

You can view more works by David by visiting his website: He is also available for commissions in both digital and film formats for individuals, magazines and businesses.

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